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  1. ACURA CL (2.2CL) RADIATOR 2.2/2.3/L4 OEM#19010P0A902 1997 PL#HO3010108

    PARTSLINK:HO3010108  |  OEM Part Number:19010P0A902
    List Price: $139.00 Our Price: $85.50 Your Save: $53.50
  2. ACURA CL (2.2CL) RADIATOR 3.0/L6 A/T OEM#19010P0GA51 1997 PL#AC3010114

    PARTSLINK:AC3010114  |  OEM Part Number:19010P0GA51
    List Price: $335.80 Our Price: $95.82 Your Save: $239.98
  3. ACURA CL (2.3CL) RADIATOR 2.2/2.3/L4 OEM#19010P0A902 1998-1999 PL#HO3010108

    PARTSLINK:HO3010108  |  OEM Part Number:19010P0A902
    List Price: $139.00 Our Price: $85.50 Your Save: $53.50
  4. ACURA CL (3.0CL) RADIATOR 3.0/L6 A/T OEM#19010P0GA51 1997-1999 PL#AC3010114

    PARTSLINK:AC3010114  |  OEM Part Number:19010P0GA51
    List Price: $335.80 Our Price: $95.82 Your Save: $239.98
  5. ACURA CL (3.2CL) RADIATOR 3.2/V6 (BASE MDL) OEM#19010PJEA51 2001-2003 PL#AC3010116

    PARTSLINK:AC3010116  |  OEM Part Number:19010PJEA51
    List Price: $162.00 Our Price: $75.56 Your Save: $86.44
  6. ACURA CL (3.2CL) RADIATOR 3.2/V6 (S-TYPE) OEM#19010PGEA51 2001-2003 PL#AC3010117

    PARTSLINK:AC3010117  |  OEM Part Number:19010PGEA51
    List Price: $387.53 Our Price: $86.48 Your Save: $301.05
  7. ACURA ILX HYBRID RADIATOR 1.5LW/TOC OEM#19010RW0A51 2013-2015 PL#HO3010250

    PARTSLINK:HO3010250  |  OEM Part Number:19010RW0A51
    List Price: $183.00 Our Price: $112.50 Your Save: $70.50
  8. ACURA ILX RADIATOR 2.0L OEM#19010R9AA51 2013-2015 PL#AC3010151

    PARTSLINK:AC3010151  |  OEM Part Number:19010R9AA51
    List Price: $143.65 Our Price: $97.50 Your Save: $46.15
  9. ACURA ILX RADIATOR 2.4L OEM#19010R4HA02 2016-2022 PL#AC3010156

    PARTSLINK:AC3010156  |  OEM Part Number:19010R4HA02
    List Price: $182.40 Our Price: $97.77 Your Save: $84.63
  10. ACURA ILX RADIATOR 2.4L WO/TOC OEM#19010R1BA51- 2013-2015 PL#HO3010229

    PARTSLINK:HO3010229  |  OEM Part Number:19010R1BA51-
    List Price: $166.65 Our Price: $88.43 Your Save: $78.22
  11. ACURA LEGEND/4DOORS RADIATOR (3.2/V6) A/T OEM#19010PY3505 1991-1995 PL#AC3010106

    PARTSLINK:AC3010106  |  OEM Part Number:19010PY3505
    List Price: $574.03 Our Price: $105.59 Your Save: $468.44
  12. ACURA MDX RADIATOR 3.5/V6 OEM#19010PGKA51 2001-2002 PL#AC3010107

    PARTSLINK:AC3010107  |  OEM Part Number:19010PGKA51
    List Price: $230.00 Our Price: $101.45 Your Save: $128.55
  13. ACURA MDX RADIATOR 3.5/V6 OEM#19010RDJA51 2003-2006 PL#AC3010134

    PARTSLINK:AC3010134  |  OEM Part Number:19010RDJA51
    List Price: $155.00 Our Price: $96.00 Your Save: $59.00
  14. ACURA MDX RADIATOR 3.5L OEM#190105J6A01 2014-2021 PL#AC3010153

    PARTSLINK:AC3010153  |  OEM Part Number:190105J6A01
    List Price: $152.00 Our Price: $106.76 Your Save: $45.24
  15. ACURA MDX RADIATOR ASSEMBLY A/T OEM#19010RYEA52 2007-2013 PL#AC3010142

    PARTSLINK:AC3010142  |  OEM Part Number:19010RYEA52
    List Price: $430.63 Our Price: $135.30 Your Save: $295.33
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A Comprehensive Guide to Car Radiators


Vehicles are a combination of various mechanical parts that work together to make the car function. The designs and parts within the car radiators determine the cars' overall potential and the vehicle's performance. A car radiator plays a vital role in this potential. Therefore, car owners and potential buyers should know about it. 

To assist you with this task, we have gathered a comprehensive guide that discusses all the information concerning car radiators. You can visit any store or shop in the USA and find the best radiators using the information discussed in this article. Let’s begin by brushing some basics about these radiators in the vehicle.

What is a Car Radiator?

Before we discuss “how much is a car radiator," you should know what it is and why it's crucial. Simply put, the car radiator helps cool the engine down when it works to move the car. The radiator also keeps an eye on the engine’s temperature and prevents it from overheating. In addition, the radiator is also responsible for ventilating the heat produced by the engine with a coolant

The car radiator price varies based on the quality of the radiator. Good quality can protect your vehicle from mechanical damage and provide long-term performance. 

Benefits of a New Car Radiator

Like all mechanical parts, the radiator is prone to wear and tear with time. It's because these radiators lose their performance over time, and fixing them may not be viable in some cases. However, car owners wait too long while facing radiator issues. 

They put up a search like “how much is a radiator for a car?”And yet fail to find a suitable one. We recommend installing a new car radiator in the vehicle to ensure it performs aptly for longer. Here are the top benefits of a new car radiator over an old one:

  1. Longer Lifespan The car radiators have an average life span of between three and ten years, depending on how well you care for them. We recommend you consider the increasing car radiator cost repair compared to a new car radiator cost. You will see that installing a new radiator instead of getting an older one repaired is a smarter option since it boosts the lifespan.
  2. Better Performance A new car radiator will perform better because of the mechanism's low wear and tear. These radiators also come with a warranty in most cases, which can prevent repair costs efficiently.
  3. Faster Cool Down  The longer a vehicle overheats, the worst it damages the mechanism. A new radiator is much more efficient and can quickly cool down the car radiator. You can save the need to replace it in the future by installing a new one now.

Considerations before Buying

Before discussing how much a radiator is in a car, you need to know the main factors that can impact your purchase and experience. We have listed them down for you.

  1. Understand your car The biggest mistake with a car radiator purchase is choosing an unsuitable one. We recommend learning about your car class and type before picking a new radiator.
  2. Understand the Radiator’s Purpose Various radiators have different qualities and characteristics. For instance, some radiators are made of cast iron and are particularly heavier and more durable. Knowing these options while finding one on sale can help ease the process.
  3. Added Cooling Parts may be Necessary More powerful engines require more assistance with their heating issues. You should always check if you need added machinery, coolants, and other parts to keep the radiator working. 

Types of Radiators

With the increasing demand for radiators, you can choose more than one type. Here's what you should know about the radiator type options.

  1. Single Panel Radiators
  2. Double Panel Radiators
  3. Horizontal Radiators
  4. Vertical Radiators
  5. Column Radiators
  6. Heated Towel Rails

The difference between these types of radiators is based on their design. The two main factors that impact the process are the placement of the cooling fan and radiator unit and the panel designs. We recommend consulting a professional before you choose yours.

Features to Look for in a Radiator

Radiators have various designs and variations based on how they look and perform. Here are the top features that make any radiator good for your vehicle.

As per experts, the following are the three main things to consider while buying a radiator:

  1. Easy Coolant Replacement
  2. Less Radiator Clogging
  3. Fewer Heat Exchanges

Understanding the Cost

You can find car radiators on sale for up to $1200, depending on the design, performance, and brand of the radiator. If you are willing or planning to buy a radiator, you must know your options.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Radiators

We recommend understanding the factors that determine and affect the cost of your radiators. Here are some common factors that affect the cost of radiators:

  • The Design of the Car Radiator

The design of the radiator determines the flow of hot air from the unit. The downward car radiators are typically more costly than other variants. You can choose between downflow and cross-flow radiators.

  • Material of Car Radiator

Car radiators are available in various materials, but copper and aluminum are the two main choices. The aluminum one may be popular nowadays, but the copper one has always been a classic. You can buy a car radiator accordingly and ensure you don't face issues.

  • Available size in the Compartment

The radiators have a compartment within the car radiator which helps with ventilation. The more space you have, the easier it is to care for the radiator unit.

Shopping Options: Painted Auto Parts Body

There's a variety of professionals to buy radiators from. However, Painted Auto Parts Body is your go-to option if you want expert body paint tasks with your new car radiators. We also offer painting services for car grilles, just let us know what you need.