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Painted Front Bumpers

To replace or not to replace damaged painted bumpers? That question sounds familiar to regular car drivers. Preventing damage to important parts of vehicles is the sole purpose of painted front bumpers, which makes them fail more often. In that case, replacing or repairing it is not a matter of choice but a matter of safety. That said, painted bumper shops are overflowing with offers, which makes it hard to pick up the best one right here. But right here, at this store, it is time to learn more about painted bumpers for sale, their purpose, prices, and various ways of fixing them. It will help you save money in this process and get the best results.

A bumper is the sum of its parts

Back to basics, painted car bumpers are located at the front and rearmost places of any vehicle. Metal composites were the most common material for pre painted front bumpers back then, but plastic has since taken their place. Metal makes failed painted bumper repairs more common than replacements. Their prices and painted bumpers’ environmental threat are important things that should be considered. Plastic is among the cheaper alternatives for painted bumpers, with much higher safety effectiveness.

While its main purpose is to dissipate the kinetic energy of the impact, it also houses the following car parts:

  1. fog lights;
  2. license plate;
  3. signals;
  4. grille;
  5. road sensors;
  6. lower deflector.

Such complexity is the reason why you cannot estimate the damage done to painted bumpers with your naked eye, it should be done by local car mechanics. Do not drive with bumpers that do not meet safety standards, as this is a common reason for denying you insurance for front and rear bumpers painted cost as well as it being simply too risky for your life.

Repair vs Replacement

This dilemma comes down mostly to the damage that you can check without any special tools. Mechanics choose repairs over replacements of painted bumpers in the following cases:

  1. a dent with safety coatings intact;
  2. minor scratches;
  3. small bottom cracks.

Resin repair kits and superglue are your best friends for fixing failed plastic car parts like painted fenders or painted bumpers. One way of saving more money would be to run diagnostics at any local car mechanic and do the repairs yourself after. It does not require any special abilities! One of the caveats would be finding paint that matches the primary color of your vehicle exactly.

Buying painted bumper covers here is a much more convenient alternative to fixing an already failed part. More importantly, it is much safer due to key characteristics of this detail that depend on its hull integrity. Prices may startle an unsuspected customer, but in comparison to more advanced painted plastic components of cars, they are pretty cheap.

Parts that require painting after purchase are an alternative to pre-painted parts. It can be helpful for vehicles being customized with unusual color schemes. In any other case, just choose ones sold at trusted painted bumper stores, as they are made using paints similar to the official ones.

Places for installing pre painted front bumpers

After you have gotten the painted parts in question, it is necessary to find places where they are being installed. This process does not go along the lines of «tightening a couple of screws». Modern cars have electronics across the hull, including painted bumpers. Without any obscure methods, an average customer has three options:

  1. local technician;
  2. official car dealer service;
  3. hand-made.

This latter variant is not for the faint of heart, as you must know about car electronics and have matching tools and car repair abilities. Any car mechanic will strongly advise against this approach, as it risks breaking newly painted bumpers in the process.

Dealer services are places where you are not even buying painted bumpers or any other parts whatsoever. Their prices are very unappealing, with familiar phrases like "all services were included," as they stated, as well as their huge profit margin. On average, fixing bumpers there will cost you 50% more than local services.

Speaking of the devil, while local car shops are the best choice in terms of prices, the quality of their work may raise some concerns. That said, if customers are cautious and informed, finding trustworthy places is not among the problems at all. The following are the top three car repair must-haves:

  1. certificates and registration;
  2. relatively clean rooms;
  3. officially employed workers.

Check out reviews from your locals as well, as they are usually more reliable than any official website. Google Maps or Trust Pilot, does not matter, look for reviews made by real people to find painted bumper replacement places.

What about bumper prices

To cover bumper repair costs, many people mindlessly use any opportunity available. Most of the time, it is their car insurance. The only party it is profitable for is insurance, as every payment of that kind goes into your record, making your annual cost even higher.

A smarter way would be to buy car parts here, along with many painted bumpers for sale and various car parts and tools. All of them is coming from trusted wholesale suppliers. Regular discounts for painted bumpers and updates to our assortment are included. Contact customer support and learn more about special offers or get advice about the best-painted bumper to buy for your vehicle.