When you need replacement hood for your car, you can always rely on the services of Painted Auto Body Parts. We have thousands of replacement car hoods in our catalog. In addition, the hoods are painted in the color that matches your car.

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Painted Hoods

Look at any car and the first thing you see will be its hood. Speaking about visuals, a painted hood is among the key parts that make a car look. On par with that, it is top 2 in lists of details that fail more often than others. If you have found yourself in a situation, it may be a good opportunity to change your car’s appearance drastically. Paint hood yourself or buy it pre-painted, and any other questions about car hoods were answered below. Find fitting parts today and buy them with a discount here!

What is under the hood

Buying well-painted car hoods without learning what is «under the hood» of this car detail is impossible. Days before, it was solely protecting an engine from above and regulating air flows. Today’s average paint hood of car is not as simple as its predecessors:

  1. sensors;
  2. hydraulics;
  3. advanced protection additions.

Aside from electronics, this part is housing, it was complete with additional metal and plastic add-ons. They distribute the kinetic impact energy across the hood frame, minimizing painted part damage.

Visit your local car mechanic

People familiar with car repairs may oppose agendas of buying a new hood painted already in various offline and online shops. Indeed, sometimes fixing it is a cheaper alternative, not without caveats of course. Top 3 types of painted hood damage:

  1. dents;
  2. scratches;
  3. cracks.

Fixing them at home is a «buy a new one» shortcut. Car knowledge is a must to do this job right, and without damaging electronics and protective coats. Scratches can be painted over, but among other problems are finding matching colors.

Car mechanic services are a reliable DIY alternative. Compared to buying a newly painted one, the average cost to paint car hood is less, yet it solely depends on the severity of the damage done. If you own a car less than 15 years old, expect to pay around $100 for their work.

Which painted hood to get

Getting new painted already hoods is a reliable way of fixing damaged parts. New offline and online shops have opened in past years with hundreds of painted car hoods on their digital shelves. It is a convenient alternative to traditional shopping with discounts, updates to their assortments, and online help centers. You can expect to pay around $120 for newly painted hoods in digital marketplaces.

Questions about buying pre-painted car hoods are still here. Some car mechanics advise against it and profit from paint jobs themselves, while others are genuinely concerned about the quality of paints used by manufacturers. One thing is for sure, it is ten times more convenient than trying to find a place with paints that match the colors of your car.

It should be noted, a custom-painted hood is a central piece in the competent visual car modification process. This part along with painted mirrors is often the first thing viewers see when looking at your car. They are often modified with custom paint jobs, unique materials, or hull changes. In this case, buying a hood without paint is not a choice anymore. It may be a good idea to contact a car mechanic shop beforehand to get specifics about the painted hoods they need for customization.

How to spend less on car parts

Both approaches of fixing broken painted car hoods are relatively cheap, yet unnecessary expenses are not what sane car owners want. Their first call would be covering it with insurance, which is a reliable and logical choice. Alternatives would be taking loans or cutting your living expenses to buy the best pre painted hoods for your car online or offline.

An important detail that goes under the radar is the consequences of payment received that way. Every one of them goes straight to your record, making it hard to get better insurance offers in the future. Moreover, it ups annual payments significantly. Avoid calling your manager in these companies and cover hood fixing expenses from your wallet.

Benefits of buying painted car hoods here 

Look at car hoods with paints for sale here, navigate dozens of pages with high-quality car parts and find the one fitting your car. Do not forget to check out which painted car hoods are at discount right now to get the best for cheap. The majority of user reviews are positive, thanks to reliable services 24/7. Along with a refund policy, customers can be sure that the parts they are buying here will serve them for many years to come.

Losing factory hoods in car accidents is not a tragedy yet an opportunity to get yourself better ones. It may be a point of entry to car customization or just a way to improve the protection of the most important parts of your vehicle. Do not rush official car dealer services as their «all-inclusive» means «more profit in our pocket». You can save some time and lose two times more money. Contact customer service here to get information about the assortment, popular painted hoods, and places to install them. We do care about our customers, as our customers care for their cars!