FORD TRUCKS & VANS FORD/PU F150 HYBRID FENDER LEFT (Driver Side) (ALUM) OEM#VL3Z16006E 2021-2023 PL#FO1240336

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List Price: $680.19 Our Price Painted: $502.43 Your Save: $177.76
OEM Part NumberVL3Z16006E
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We recommend obtaining your paint code from your vehicle rather than calling the dealer since they might give you the wrong paint code.

Ignoring your car's defective fender may not be a smart move. If you come across any damage to it such as corrosion, it is important to replace it without delay to protect your peace of mind. Many manufacturers don't pay enough attention this component, so it's up to you to equip your car with the best alternative possible.

Here at Painted Auto Body Parts, our purpose is to present our buyers with only the best substitute components for their automobiles. Take, for instance, this particular fender designed to match FORD TRUCKS & VANS FORD/PU F150 models, produced in the year 2021, 2022, 2023.

The fender plays a vital role in each car. Not only does it enhance the auto's visual appeal, but it also serves as a protective barrier between the wheels and the road, absorbing impact energy and minimizing the damage. In addition, it contributes to the vehicle's aerodynamic performance, leading to better fuel efficiency.

Choose our durable fenders to keep your car in great condition and enjoy a safer and more efficient driving experience. Don't overlook the protection and appearance of your auto – get the perfect fender from us today!

  1. All painted parts are not returnable and are FINAL SALE. Since this is a customized part, all orders are made to match your specific requirements, and cannot be sold again.

  2. For painted parts and big freight orders make sure to inspect the order before you accept the shipment. If there are any damages on the paint or part, do not accept the shipment; this will be the only way we can submit a damage claim with our shipping partners. Otherwise, you may be charged for shipping and a restocking fee for the damaged part.
OEM Part NumberVL3Z16006E
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