How to find your Chrysler paint code?

Here at Painted Auto Body Parts we provide all vehicle body parts painted in the color of your Chrysler vehicle. However, in order to determine the exact hue and the correct paint to apply, we will need the paint code information, which can be found somewhere on your car. Refer to the image on the side for the possible places of where you can find the sticker with such information.

For Chrysler vehicles finding the sticker can be a bit tricky, because it can be located at various different places depending on the model. It could be in the driver side door jamb for most of the newer models. However, it can also be on the firewall on the passenger and driver side alike. Check the inner fender well too, as well as the front of the radiator. It should be a 3-character code.

Paint Code Examples for Chrysler: PTA, PBK, BS3/PS3

Chrysler Paint Code Locator