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OEM Part Number5115037AC
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We recommend obtaining your paint code from your vehicle rather than calling the dealer since they might give you the wrong paint code.

If you have a shattered car mirror, the only responsible course of action is to get it replaced. Luckily, Painted Auto Body Parts supplies premium quality replacement components. This current one is designed for DODGE CALIBER models, manufactured in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012. Don’t put it off, get your automobile in its best condition once more.

Broken mirrors are a liability, and a lot of places actually have laws that require you to repair a busted mirror as quickly as possible. Otherwise you may be set to pay fines. But you should not simply get your mirror fixed by reason of the law - get it done because of your personal safety.

The mirror at the same time has a role in the visual appearance of each vehicle. That is why changing a broken one actually serves two goals - practical and aesthetic. At Painted Auto Body Parts you can get your mirrors directly painted so they can be ready to be set up right away.

  1. All painted parts are not returnable and are FINAL SALE. Since this is a customized part, all orders are made to match your specific requirements, and cannot be sold again.

  2. For painted parts and big freight orders make sure to inspect the order before you accept the shipment. If there are any damages on the paint or part, do not accept the shipment; this will be the only way we can submit a damage claim with our shipping partners. Otherwise, you may be charged for shipping and a restocking fee for the damaged part.
OEM Part Number5115037AC
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